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Burning Season - Beneath the Demon's Wings 7" Flexi

by Burning Season


Shipping included in price.
Songs sent to you for download ASAP.

100 Black with gold foil print
150 White with gold foil print

A flexi is a lot like a 7" but a lot thinner and, in this case, square shaped.

No bullshit explanation this time.
These songs were written and recorded as a stand against domestic violence and abuse.
This release is a flexi 7" available on black and white, all profits will be donated to the Assist a sista foundation. They are a non-profit organisation that aims to
"Breaking the cycle of domestic violence, one family at a time.

Assist a sista is a Gold Coast based group of community volunteers who work together to help survivors of domestic violence to rebuild and repair by bringing hope and restoring faith.

Through our facebook page, we facilitate donations of clothing, furniture, non-perishable food items, toys and other essential and non-essential comfort items. We have also launched our Assist 2 Learn program, supporting children in Refuge to attend school with all the basic essentials that they need.

We supply these items on a needs basis, to families (who always remain anonymous), via our contacts (their assigned support workers) at shelters from Sydney, Northern NSW to North Queensland. We are rapidly expanding into new regions and our vision is to be active in every city and region across Australia."

More on their organisation can be found at https://www.facebook.com/AssistASista?fref=ts

All profits go directly to their cause and aiding in assisting those which suffer. Please give generously and share this link.

Thank you

  • Black 73%
  • White 94%
  • Both 47%
  • Test Press 80%